Friday, 28 September 2012

Moods that fluctuate like the tides

It's kind of funny how the one simile that describes moods best is that which refers to tides. The ocean being one of the few things (other than driving my car real fast) can make the adrenaline pump and wash away all my fears.

The ocean, she is vast, powerful, deserves respect and like most woman rather temperamental. She holds life within her, far beyond our wildest dreams considering we have yet to explore and discover half of what she has to offer. Like most women, she has held back, perhaps in fear.

Fear, it's a funny thing really. One simple emotion, yet it is able to hold us back from our true potential until we can learn that although afraid, that is no excuse not to try anyway. After all, the only things we ever truly regret is those things we never tried.

This week has got me thinking about this topic extensively. After all as someone once said 'life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain', and Spring has flown the coop here in SA so lets dance! Life's too short to sit and think about regrets and 'what if's', the only way to change it is by putting in some action to do just that, change it. This is why I set myself a challenge for this next month, time to stop letting fear hold the reins and take back the power.

If I died today, could I truly say I lived my life with no regrets and had lived life to the fullest? I'm not sure, and that's not good enough for me anymore.

Over and Out.



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