Tuesday, 14 August 2012

'What a lot I got' doesn't only refer to smarties

Who knew life in sobriety could get this crazy busy, I sure didn't expect it. But that is the beauty of life, one never really knows what is coming next.

The last couple months have been filled with everything from weddings (some of the younger generation and some older), sibling party evenings, new hair cuts and a whole lot of everything in between.

Life is so full now, I barely got a chance to sit down and write this blog. Although I am unsure as to how many in fact read it, it is of a rather therapeutic nature that I sit and write these pieces. It helps to unravel all the crazy up in my head, the confusion and even re-create the feelings of joy that I have experienced recently.

Never in my life would I have thought that without the chaos I would be utterly content. And as my profound friend said just last night 'Life just is, and I just am' with regards to her own life. But it pertains to everyones lives really. No one sits around and goes, 'Oh universe, don't you just feel like throwing a boulder in my path', but each time it does (often a few at a time). But with each hike over the boulder growth takes place. Growth that brings about a new meaning to joy when overcome. The last month, although wonderful, has brought me to my knees a couple of times, keeping me up late into the night pondering. As with all good things, there must be balance.

At times I wish that the curve-balls with regards to some areas in my life didn't have to exist and life was like a movie (one that I had already watched and knew the ending of), so there would be no cruel surprises. Other times I find it thrilling not knowing what is to become of me, what lays ahead on this journey (that might not have an ending if re-incarnation is a truth), ever learning, every growing, ever changing.

Sometimes I get all silly and wish on a shooting star or a lash to have some of the answers revealed. And the universe generally humbly obliges with a riddle like sign, that could have a thousand meanings or none at all. Although once upon a trip to Wilderness a sign literally hit me in the face.

Which reminds me, another road trip is in order. I long for the open road, and the smell of the ocean! I am literally craving a surf so bad I am contemplating taking up skateboarding again (and I wasn't very successful the first time) - With an over-protective dad, a mother who scolded all my friends for skating on the properties (with me hiding in the feet area for fear of being connected with her - every teenagers nightmare, haha) and a serious lack in drops that I was allowed to try my luck at, it was a short lived attempt. (read:love affair) And I just came to the damming realisation (just made the sound Muttley used to make when Dastardly came up with plans he didn't like) that once again my Sunday surf is not to be. Time to put a set-up together, or borrow someones then..I'm getting back on the board (land or water) this weekend. This drought must end!

And that ends todays view into my mind..as one can see it's all over the place up in there. It sure is a crazy adventure though.

Over and out.