Friday, 23 November 2012

Summertime and the livin' is easy

It's been a while since I have written anything. Living life to the fullest is rather expensive and time consuming. But as the work year draws to an end, I'm making no plans to slow down, but rather plans to capture each of these moments. This December I plan to take more photos!

As the year rolls to an end I realise how few of these the moments I have captured in a forever-sense. Photo's being the one way I like to capture a moment for a lifetime. The other tattoos. The latter slightly more expensive, and a little more of a faux pas in the eyes of my parents since I am Jewish by birth (although admittedly terrible at following the rules). 

I'm dying to get more ink nonetheless. Some inspiration for these can be found all over my 'I <3 ink' board on Pinterest. There are so many beautiful images out there, obviously the next one I plan to ink on my body will have a deeper meaning since I believe that, for me at least, tattoos must have a story behind them. Tattoos tell stories about their owners. They read like a picture book for adults, telling stories of heartbreak, triumph and everything in between.

December time is around the corner, time for family, friends and adventures.

Just last night I was discussing with my parents how the sea brings great joy to me and how much of this December holiday (the first one since highschool that I will not be working) will be spent in my favourite seaside destination Onrus with many of my favourite people!

Each time I drive into this generally sleepy town  my heart glows and a grin that can not be wiped off appears on my face. Friends, sea, sun and crazy adventures! All round winning in my books! December time here is where some of my all time favourite memories have been made.

This year I plan on catching more on camera, while also for the first time maybe attempting a surf with my boys. In all the years I have been coming here (and there have been around 23), each December I have vowed to learn to surf. Over the course of this last year I have started living that dream (although still a total novice, and with being petite a smaller board was in order, increasing difficulty and laughs). I might just start out with paddling to the backline (if I can make it, haha) and chilling with the boys, fingers crossed some whales come to visit (there have been stories of this of late, and boy would that make my day).

While taking this much deserved break I will be traveling around our beautiful coastline to visit other friends as well, from closer destinations such as Pearly Beach and Betty's Bay to slightly further places like Mosselbay to visit the Mbay crew and go on all kinds of crazy adventures and see some faces I haven't seen in far to long (Synergy this weekend is going to be off the walls mad and filled with jumping on friends out of glee, like a mini-reunion it will be)!

Summer time, my favourite time of the year! I can't wait till the 14th, the end of my working year and the beginning of an entire month off work! Just in time to get to Onrus and enjoy watching some prime boarding and start my December holiday the right way with the Onrus Classic (15 -17 December). Things couldn't have worked out more perfect!

Over and out.