Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Perfection - a myth


The concept of perfection, she is not natural. She is not found in nature. She is but a myth we have created to keep ourselves unhappy. 

Forever and a day I strived to be the "perfect" example of what those around me wanted to be. I failed dismally of course, seeing as that I am but a mere mortal (albeit not a "muggle" per say).

Irrational Fear

I have sat toying with the concept of writing this piece for months now, knowing that the only thing stopping me was my preconceived ideas surrounding what those I know would think of me should I. Crazy I know, but sometimes that is what is going on up in my head.

 All this changed after one conversation this morning. Those fears melted away after opening up the big bag of crazy. It's funny what a mind shift one can have while chatting to a fellow "non-muggle-type" can do to remind you why you started on this self-exploration train nearly 2 years and 5 months ago (not to say it hadn't started long before, but it become more defined within this time).

Now while I may not have kept up with the conventional program, the program I set myself, the one of self-discovery, learning healthy coping mechanisms and applying them all the while striving to be the best possible version of myself, that I can confidently say I have. Not perfect, but happy. Content most days (something I for a long time deemed an impossible state of mind for one such as myself). I can honestly say that it's nearly 2 and half years on and I am happier than I have ever been.


I know myself better than I have ever. Not because I didn't before, but because I allowed people's preconceived concepts of myself and what I was meant to be blur the lines between who I was (a skinny nerd with big boobs, a tomboy who loves nature & is happiest at the ocean, but could easily get lost within a book for days and so much more). For I am not one thing, I am merely a compilation of my many varying interests & life experiences. A creation built over time through those who have molded me by touching my life at various points, be that about myself, the world or everything in between. I am me. I am the pieces that make up me. I am.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I could be this content, living a balanced lifestyle that feeds all parts of my personality, but here I sit late one night at the office and I type this, the reminder. The reminder that when I really look at it, really take the time to reflect, the growth I see is exponentially larger than what I thought when I was holding that little piece of paper too close to see the entire picture.

Over & Out.